Our Art History Program Learning Outcome

Apply art historical terminology and methodology in comparatively analyzing the semiotics of world visual culture.

California State University Associate of Arts Transfer Program

Transfer Model Curriculum-Art History
CSU Major(s): Studio Art/Art with an Emphasis or Concentration in Art History
ELAC Required Code Courses (9 units)
ARTHIST 110 Survey of Western Art I (3 units)
ARTHIST 120 Survey of Western Art II (3 units)
ART 201 Drawing I (3 units)
ELAC List A (3 units) Select one of:
ARTHIST 130 Survey of Asian Art History
ARTHIST 139 Islamic Art (CSU Long Beach AH 116, lower division)
ARTHIST 140 Survey of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
ARTHIST 151 Latin America (CSU Long Beach AH 112, lower division)
ELAC List B (3 units) Select one of:
ART 501 Beginning Two-Dimensional Design
ART 708 Introduction to Ceramics
PHOTO 10 Beginning Photography
ELAC List C (3-5 units) Select one of:
ARTHIST 100 Introduction to Visual Culture & Cultural Studies
ARTHIST 111 Introduction to Ancient Art of the Mediterranean
ARTHIST 116 Introduction to Medieval Art of Europe
ARTHIST 121 Introduction to Renaissance through Rococo Art
ARTHIST 126 Introduction to Modern Art
ARTHIST 131 Introduction to Asian Art: East & the Pacific
ARTHIST 136 Introduction to Asian Art: South, Southeast, & Ancient Western
ARTHIST 141 Introduction to African Art
ARTHIST 151 Introduction to Latin American Art
ARTHIST 161 Introduction to American Art
ARTHIST 162 Introduction to California Art & Architecture
ARTHIST 171 Introduction to Global Contemporary Art
ARTHIST 181 History of Women & Art OR Any course from List A or List B not already used.
18 Total Art History Major Units