Faculty & Staff

Child Family & Education Studies Department

Located in F7-305


CTE Department Chairperson
Amanda Andrade

Child Family & Education Studies Department
Full Time Faculty

Name: E-Mail:
ANDRADE, AMANDA andrada@elac.edu
BANUELOS, ELVIA banuele@elac.edu
BENJAMIN, MICHELE benjammd@elac.edu
DAVIS, KELLEE daviska2@elac.edu
MENDIOLA, ALICIA mendioa@elac.edu
OLIVAREZ, LACEY olivarla@elac.edu
RAHMAN, ROKEYA rahmanr@elac.edu
RIVAS, MARIA rivasmr@elac.edu
SORIANO, MARIBEL sorianm@elac.edu
THOMPSON, BRIGETTE thompsb@elac.edu
VELAZQUEZ, JANICE velazqji@elac.edu


Part Time Faculty


Name: E-Mail:
ADDISON, TAMIKA addisot@elac.edu
AGUET, DEBORAH aguetdj@elac.edu
BAZIKYAN, IVET bazikyi@elac.edu
BENAVIDES, CELINA benvicm@elac.edu
BENAVIDES, JULIE benavij@elac.edu
CABOT, NORAYMA cabotn@elac.edu
CAGIGAS, MARCIA cagigam@elac.ecu
CANTU, LAURA cantulv@elac.edu
CASTANEDA, DELIA castand@elac.edu
CHELSTROM, AURA chelsta@elac.edu
CHUKUMERIJE, JULIA chukumj@elac.edu
COLEMAN, MARY colemani@elac.edu
DICKERSON, DENISE dickerde@elac.edu
DIXON, DOROTHY dixond@elac.edu
DUENAS, MIGUEL duenasma@elac.edu
DURON, RUBY durann@elac.edu
FREDRICKSON, VALERIE fredriv@elac.edu
GARCIA, YDANIA garciay6@elac.edu
GAYTON, MARTHA gaytonmm@elac.edu
HERNANDEZ, REYNA hernanr3@elac.edu
HUEZO, CLAUDIA huezoc@elac.edu
JEN, CAROLINE jenc@elac.edu
JIMENEZ, LINDA jimeneli@elac.edu
JUAREZ, MONICA herradmj@elac.edu
LOZANO, FRANK lozanof@elac.edu
MCLAUGHLIN, REGINA mclaugrm@elac.edu
MEDINA, OLIVIA medinao@elac.edu
MONTEROSO, DORIS monterd@elac.edu
NEWMAN, TONI newmantl@elac.edu
NORMAN, MARI normanmv@elac.edu
OZUNA, MARAGARET ozunamc@elac.edu
PEREZ, GUADALUPE perezg@elac.edu
PRICE, GAILE priceg@elac.edu
RIVAS, JOSEFINA rivasj@elac.edu
ROBINSON, DAWN robinsdl@lasc.edu
RUIZ-AYALA, ANNA ruizam@elac.edu
SANCHEZ, ANCELMA sanchea10@elac.edu
SIGALA, CAROL sigalaca@elac.edu
SPARKS, BILL sparkswj@elac.edu
UDEOCHU, MERCY udeochmj@elac.edu
URIBE, MARIA uribem@elac.edu
VAZQUEZ, LEONOR vazqele@elac.edu
VENTURA, BRYAN venturvc@elac.edu
VOLKOV, RENEE volkovrm@elac.edu
WARTH, KATHY warthk@elac.edu
ZAVALA, JACQUELINE zavalaj3@elac.edu



If you have questions regarding certificates, department workshops, instructor’s schedules, please contact us at (323) 415-5372 .


For Child Development State permits: Please contact Mary Contreras at contremh@elac.edu or (323) 415-4197. Please note the applications cannot be picked up in F7-105, only in F7-305. 

Questions about CD 22?
An application must be picked in F7-105 or F7-305. Students will not be called until all pre-requisite courses are completed. Students must complete all pre-requisites in order to be considered for the class and will not be called until all pre-requisite courses are completed and proof of completion has been submitted. It is the student’s responsibility to update applications submitted with telephone number(s), unofficial transcripts of all courses completed. Priority is given to CURRENT ELAC students. Students Will NOT be considered until all grades are posted.