Engineering and Technologies Video Highlights

Practical Management of Field Surveys

Webinar on the Practical Management of Field Surveys, presented by Landon Blake of Redefined Horizons

Rivers on Mars! (and other uses for hydraulic models)

In today’s video, we’re talking about computational hydraulic river modeling. HEC-RAS is ubiquitous in the industry, and many H&H engineers in the U.S. use it regularly for various applications including floodplain mapping, reservoir simulations, breach analysis of dams, and even fluvial geomorphology. Water resources engineers are very fortunate that many of the most-used software packages are available for free. I prepared a rudimentary model of the Kasei Valles on Mars to demonstrate RAS's capibilities. It's not scientifically rigorous in any way, but it provides some nice visualizations that illustrate why engineers use computation hydraulic river models.

World's Largest Earthquake Test

Simpson Strong-Tie participated in an unprecedented test to highlight the importance of earthquake-resistant construction and, ultimately, improve the construction safety of wood buildings in the U.S.

Building Los Angeles' Earthquake-Proof Bridge

Los Angeles' authorities are replacing the iconic Sixth Street viaduct with an impressive earthquake-proof structure.

A Day in the Life of a Land Surveyor

McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. recruitment, career, and employment video about careers in Canadian Land Surveying. Rocky Mountain movie footage shot outside Bragg Creek, Alberta. The end of "A Day in the Life of a Land Surveyor" has instructions for application for employment.

8.01x - Lect 6 - Newton's Laws

Newtons Law by a favorite teacher from MIT, for civil and mechanical engineers

8.01x - Lect 2 - 1D Kinematics - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

Kinematics by a favorite teacher from MIT, for Mechanical Engineers

Red Bull Flugtag with Coco Zurita

Red Bull Flugtag happens in Long Beach Pier, Long Beach CA, Saturday September 21st. This is the preview of Red Bull athlete Coco Zurita and his friends on t...

ELAC HPVC West 2010

Rolling Huskies

Geo-Spatial Engineering and Technologies Program at East Los Angeles College and Cal Poly Pomona's Civil Engineering Program

The Geo-Spatial Engineering and Technologies programs at East Los Angeles College and Cal Poly Pomona