Career Accomplishments

Bryan Mundia

Image of Bryan Holding his Career Diploma

Image of Bryan and his daughter Harper Playing Snow

Image of Bryan and his wife Katie

Image of Bryan and his daughter Harper Walking on Snow

Mr. Bryan Mundia just recently received his Professional Land Surveyors license (No. 9591) by the State of California by passing both the NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) exam and the state-specific Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) exam. Mr. Mundia is currently working full-time for D. Woolley and Associates, Inc. as a PLS and he also just recently completed ELAC’s General Engineering 385 course during the 2020 fall semester in which advanced forms of Bentley software were demonstrated for usage in land development projects. Mr. Mundia states that in order to pass the license exam one needs to study hard. Mr. Mundia’s strong work ethic comes by way of his family, meaning, he wants to be a good example for his children and be able to show them that working hard gives you ample opportunities to succeed. Mr. Mundia is also a very determined individual and as a result he is always looking for ways to better himself. Mr. Mundia is currently a member of the Orange County Chapter of the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA).