2020 Vince Carlo Moretti (VCM) GRIT Scholarship Award Recipient
Julissa Alejandra Godinez

BIO: My name is Julissa Alejandra Godinez. I am a Mexican-American female, born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. My interest in STEM sprouted in kindergarten when I went on a school field trip to the California Science Center, but my passion for engineering solidified when I attended the Engineering Club’s/SHPE ELAC’s Noche de Ciencias (Science Night) event as a junior in high school and learned more about it. Although I am an aspiring mechanical engineer, my greatest aspirations are to inspire and mentor people, especially young women and children from similar backgrounds as me, to pursue a higher education in STEM. I believe that anything is achievable with hard work, patience, resilience, and confidence!

Vincent Carlo Moretti GRIT Scholarship

Vincent Carlo Moretti GRIT

The Vincent Carlo Moretti GRIT Scholarship ($1000) will be awarded to an Engineering & Technologies student who has shown true GRIT. A student with true GRIT means one who tends to stick to their goals despite numerous issues, problems, setbacks and failures. True GRIT means the person has firmness of mind and unyielding courage. To be eligible, please complete a two-page essay describing your gritty experience. Please submit your essay to chairperson Humberto Gallegos at by June 15, 2020, 11:59 PM. All scholarship recipients are required to complete the attached form and will be asked to be available for a phone call interview.