Welcome to The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement (OIEA) assists the College in its efforts to improve the effectiveness of institutional processes, student learning and student services. Through our facilitation of institutional planning, collegiate research, and evaluation of programming, OIEA works to provide the evidence needed to guide decision making and to promote student success. OIEA reports to the President's Office and supports all research and planning areas. Our office seeks to fulfill the President's commitment to include all campus constituencies and the community in planning the college's future and to utilize research findings as the basis for the college's evidence-driven planning model. Our office oversees the strategic, educational, technology, and facilities planning structures. We also process and ensure compliance with educational code and accreditation standards, including the development of the college's vision, mission, values, priorities, goals, and program review and viability processes. Further, our office contributes significantly to the evaluation and planning of off-site centers. In support of the College's efforts, OIEA seeks to produce accurate, timely and intelligible information to enhance the delivery of a quality education to the community.

On this site, you will find valuable information on institutional planning, data to support decision-making and resource allocation, and measures of student learning and institutional effectiveness. Included in this data are the College's Benchmarks for Institutional Success. These dashboard measures are quantitative representations of ELAC's success in meeting its mission and strategic planning agenda. Please review the information provided by OIEA. Should you have any questions, please contact our office at any time.

Main Office: ELAC Corporate Center, Room 203
Phone: (323) 415-4152