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The Distance Learning (DL) Program provides comprehensive services that empower faculty and students with skills that are essential to succeed in online/hybrid and web-enhance courses. DL assist faculty utilize instructional technologies to enrich the learning process.

The Distance Learning Committee (DL) of East Los Angeles College serves the function of communicating with and advising the college on its decision making regarding online learning issues. The committee evaluates, develops recommendations for consideration by ELAC shared governance Council, Education Planning and Sub Committee and the Academic Senate. The DL Committee was established under the auspices of the Academic Senate.

DL Committee addresses online learning efficacy as it relates to the total instructional program. The committee shall have the responsibility of determining proficiency in a CMS and shall serve as a resource to the college on distance learning issues. The committee promotes guidance to faculty in various learning modalities including online, hybrid and web enhance courses.

The DL Committee meets monthly the second Wednesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters in Gl 301 C at 2:00 pm. Visitors are always welcome. We encourage you to scroll down for the list of committee members for 2015 and the use of the menu options to your left to access the bylaws, minutes and other resources.

Distance Learning Committee:

Members Position Constituency
Pauletta Daw Faculty DL Coordinator
Ventura, Bryan Administrator Associate Dean
Monteiro, Natalina Faculty Academic Senate Representative
Munoz, Eduardo Faculty Academic Senate Representative
Dunsheath, Barbara Faculty Academic Senate Representative
Ozuna, Margaret Faculty Academic Senate Representative
Wong, Ellen Faculty Academic Senate Representative
Barajas-Gonzales, Elvia Faculty AFT Representative
Cross, Karen Faculty AFT Representative
Suarez, Rita Faculty AFT Representative
McBride, Dan Faculty AFT Representative
Smith, Ryan Faculty AFT Representative
IT representative Classified Information Technology
ASU representative Student Associated Student Union
  Classified AFT Staff Guild (non-voting)
Raul Avila Alternate, Faculty Academic Senate Representative