Our Community of Practice (CoP)

The purpose of our CoP is: 

  • to develop the members’ capabilities.
  • to exchange knowledge.
  • to build expertise.

Our CoP offers a forum to discuss and collaborate on best teaching practices. What holds the CoP together is the passion, commitment, and the collective experience of its members.


 Our CoP’s intention is 

  • to develop a campus-wide plan to create a community of support.
  • to  identify professional development needs.
  • to offer suggestions for workshops.
  • to develop a lab of innovative and student-centered strategies to ensure student success.

We welcome all members of the ELAC community to join our CoP. Because we have a holistic approach to education, we value the voices and input of all campus constituents and friends. 


Would you like to lead a Workshop?

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COP Contact Information

Elena Tinker Diaz                                                                        Tinkerre@elac.edu


Raymond Oropeza                                                                    Oropezra@elac.edu


Nora Zepeda                                                                       Zepedans@elac.edu