Veterans Office

Veterans and Dependents

All veterans and dependents who plan to use the benefits need to do the following:

Official Transcripts can be obtained either by mail or bring completed correct form to the Admissions Office. A student or former student shall be entitled to two free copies of the transcript and/or Verifications.

Sign veteran's attendance program cards after the 20th of each month at the Admissions Office, in the E-1 building. It must be checked and any change in adds or drops which has taken place must be indicated. The veteran will initial that the enrollment is correct as written. Failure to comply means termination of veterans benefits.

Fill out Veteran's Card for school records, declaring major, transfer school, and schools previously attended.

Have transcripts from all other colleges previously attended sent directly to the Admissions Office. This applies even if the attendance was for a short time with no units completed.

Take classes within major (see College Catalog).

Repeat courses, only if necessary, with prior permission of a Counselor.

Read and adhere to special regulations in the Veteran's Enrollment Bulletin (copies are available in the Office of Admissions before and during registrations).

For further information call (323)265-8650 ext 8525 or visit the office located in E1-104. See Campus Map for the exact location.