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Learn More About FireTech
Do you enjoy helping people? Are you at your best dealing with a crisis? Are you physically fit and do you enjoy challenges? Firefighting careers have it all, plus they offer prestige, excellent salaries and benefits and opportunities for advancement. Fire departments offer many career opportunities beyond firefighting. Fire inspectors and investigators, fire protection engineers, hazardous materials specialists, dispatchers, paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are some of the wide range of careers that could include you. The ELAC Fire Technology Program will start you on an outstanding career in the fire service.
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Success = Great Teachers

Our faculty members have extensive experience in fire technology and are committed to student success. Teachers work with students on an individual basis, insuring they understand all aspects of the curriculum.
Professional fire fighters provide hands-on training and classes are often held at the Los Angeles County Fire Center so students benefit from observing the latest fire fighting techniques.
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Success = High Tech Classrooms

Fire Technology students learn by doing. Professional fire fighting equipment is used to teach operation of ladders, hoses, pumps, fittings and other fire equipment. Teamwork and self-discipline are important skills students learn by practicing fire suppression in simulated exercises. Ask about the ELAC high school Fire Academy, a seven-week training program taught by fire fighters from the LA City Fire Department, to introduce students to fire apparatus, equipment and techniques.
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Success = Career Connections

Graduates of the ELAC Fire Technology Program are qualified to enter the fire service and many courses meet accreditation and certification standards set by the State Fire Marshal's Office. Two of the largest fire protection organizations, LA City Fire and LA County Fire departments actively recruit Fire Tech graduates. Members of both departments serve as program advisors to ensure curriculum is state-of-the-art. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificates prepare students for immediate employment.
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Success = University Transfer

An ELAC Associate Degree and completion of lower division academic requirements prepares graduates for transfer to Bachelor Degree programs at California State Universities. The Fire Technology Program is fully articulated with the baccalaureate degree program at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA.)
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Success Costs Less @ ELAC

Tuition is low, less than $400 per semester for a full time student who is a California resident. Plus, we make it easier for working students to attend classes by providing support services such as loans, financial aid, childcare, tutoring, scholarships, health care and more.
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Admission is Easy

Anyone 18 years or older qualifies for admission to East Los Angeles College. People under 18 qualify if they have graduated from high school or if they pass the California High School Proficiency test. High school students may concurrently enroll at ELAC with the consent of their parents and high school and get an early start on their college education and pay no tuition. Applications and information on registration for day and evening classes are available from the Admissions Office by calling 323-265-8966.