Christine "Chrissy" Sepulveda

Professor of Anthropology

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Office Location: A2-103A @ main campus and Office B @SGEC

Research Interests: My undergraduate and graduate concentrations in anthropology focused on evolutionary biology and primatology, with emphasis in enrichment for captive primates and primate behavioral ecology. My undergraduate studies include grant writing and museum exhibit design and curation. I am a biocultural anthropologist particularly concerned with the ways social environment impacts the mental and physical health of human and nonhuman primates. Additionally, I am interested in how music impacts primate behavior and biology. I am currently documenting the culture of a music genre community and am pursuing my PhD in ethnomusicology in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Courses Currently Taught: Human Biological Evolution (Biological/Physical Anthropology); Laboratory in Human Biological Evolution (Biological/Physical Anthropology Lab); Human Ways of Life: Cultural Anthropology; Issues and History in Popular Music; Music and Identity in World Cultures; Native People of North America

Other Courses I Teach: The World of Primates; Culture and Nutrition (Culture and Food)

Archaeology: Reconstructing the Past