Gabriele Kohpahl, PhD

Professor of Anthropology

Office Location: A2-102

Cultural Anthropology: community-based research and education, evaluation research, unauthorized migration, Latinos in the US, Central American diaspora in the US, immigrant women, US/Mexico border issues, refugees, political violence, effect of genocide, transnational Latino families, health disparities in the US (HIV and diabetes)

Biological Anthropology: primatology, forensics, science pedagogy and non-traditional students, science inquiry and problem-based pedagogy

Courses taught:
Lower Division Anthropology Courses Taught:
Introduction to Biological Anthropology;
Biological Anthropology Lab;
Human Genetics;
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology;
Native Americans of North America;
Anthropology of Religion, Magic and Witchcraft;
Cultures of Latin America;
Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics (On-line);
Introduction to Archeology

Upper Division Anthropology Courses Taught:
Theories of Behavior;
Psychological Anthropology;
Women, Sex Roles and Culture;
Medical Anthropology;
Anthropology and Health;
Third World Culture

Transcending Boundaries: Qualitative Research Methods; Ethnicity and Migration