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Faculty & Staff
Full-Time Faculty
  • images of Randall (Randy) Adsit, instructor

    Randall (Randy) Adsit Email:
    Ext.: 8838
    Office Location: A2-103A
    Research Interests: Pedagogical techniques for undergraduate education in the geosciences.
    Courses taught: geology, earth science, oceanography and environmental science
    Favorite rock: tuff

  • images of Julie Bernard, instructor

    Julie Bernard, Ph.D. (UCLA) Email:
    Phone: 323-780-6744
    Office Location: A2-103A
    Research Interests: Archaeology, Native Californians, Mission-era, Colonialism and culture change, Resistance, Gender.

  • images of John Grimmer, Chairperson

    John Grimmer, Chairperson Email:
    Phone: (323) 265-8843
    Office Location: A2-103

  • images of Janny Li, Associate Professor of Geography

    Janny Li, Ph.D. (UC Irvine) Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Phone: 323-415-5370
    Office Location: A2-103B
    Research Interests: anthropology of knowledge; medicine, science, technology, and society (MSTS) studies; psychological anthropology; anthropology of religion; read more...

  • images of Julie Bernard, Associate Professor of Geography

    Stephen Koletty, Ph.D. (USC) Associate Professor of Geography
    Office Location: A2-103B
    Research Interests: transnational migration, urban ethnic communities, "tiki" geography, Island Pacific, Southeast Asia, California

  • General images represent Tiffany Seeley

    Tiffany Seeley Email:
    Office Location: A2-103A
    Urban Geography, Gentrification, California's Physical and Cultural Landscapes, migration, the Middle East, Central Asia
    Courses: Physical Geography, Geography of California, Weather and Climate

  • images of Christine Sepulveda

    Christine "Chrissy" Sepulveda Email:
    Phone: 323-415-5370
    Office Location: A2-103A @ main campus and Office B @SGEC
    Research Interests: My undergraduate and graduate concentrations in anthropology focused on evolutionary biology and primatology, read more...

  • images of Robert B West, Ph.D.

    Robert B West, Ph.D. Professor of Geology
    Gold Creek Ecological Field Station Coordinator
    Phone: 323-260-8115
    Office Location: A2-103A
    Research Interests: Tectonic Geomorphology, Coastal Erosion, Landslides
    Courses Taught: Geology, Earth Science, Environmental Science

Adjunct Faculty
  • General images represent for John Conley

    John Conley Email:
    Phone: n/a
    Office Location: n/a
    Research Interests: Meteorology and Geomorphology
    Courses Taught: Physical Geography, Physical Geography Laboratory, and Cultural Geography

  • General images represent for Gabriele Kohpahl, Ph.D.

    Gabriele Kohpahl, Ph.D. Email:
    Phone: n/a
    Office Location: A2-102
    Cultural Anthropology: community-based research and education, evaluation research, unauthorized migration, Latinos in the US, Central American diaspora in the US, immigrant women, read more...

  • General images represent for Peter Konovnitzine

    Peter Konovnitzine Email:
    Office Location: A2-103
    Research Interests: Russia,China, Japan, world religions/languages, ancient history, Byzantine world.
    Courses Taught: Cultural Geography, Physical geography, Meteorology, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Geog. of CA.

  • General images represent for David M. Perez

    David M. Perez, M.A. Email:
    Phone: n/a
    Office Location: n/a
    Ethnicity & Identity
    Religion, Witchcraft & Magic
    Urban Anthropology

  • General images represent for Peter Konovnitzine

    Jeffrey W. Rigby, Ph.D. Email:
    Phone: (562) 595-2762
    Office Location: A2-102A
    Research Interests: Archaeology, Native Americans, Native cultures of the South Pacific, Amazonia and Africa. Tribal Arts.
    Courses Taught: Introduction to Cultural, Physical and Archaeological Anthropology, Native Americans, Anthropology of Religion, Ancient Civilizations of the New World, California Indians and Laboratory Methods in Physical Anthropology.

  • General image represent for Ramsey Darling

    Ramsey Darling Email:
    Phone: 323.415.5304
    Office Location: A2-104A