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East Los Angeles College


ELAC Business Administration - Computer Lab The accounting major begins to prepare the student to serve in the accounting department of an organization. This department maintains appropriate records of all financial transactions; for example, the cash account reflects the amount of money received and spent, the receivables account represents amounts due from other organizations. Accounts are kept for all other financial transaction which include such items as taxes and salaries.


Available Classes Announcements

  1. Accounting 1 online hybrid, section #14652, Orientation and 4 lecture meetings are optional. There are two orientation time for your convenience, 8/28 Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm or 8/29 Tuesday from 12 noon to 1:00 pm in E7-318. It is important to attend the orientation to understand the work flow of the class.
  2. Accounting Using QuickBooks Pro Acctg 32, section # 29305 meet Mondays 6-9:10 pm Southgate Rm123.
  3. Accounting Using QuickBooks Pro Acctg 32, section # 29306 meet Wednesdays 6:50 – 10:00 pm E7-314.
  4. Acctg 2 section # 27888 T and TH 4:10 pm to 6:40 pm SouthGate 117 

You can add or enroll to the following classes by emailing Isabel Yeung, Chair of the Business Administration Department. Email address . Subject line: Please provide the course that you want to add. 

Then you will obtain a position number and be able to add. Or enroll directly through the SIS system. To enroll directly please follow the instructions provided.