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FALL 2005

Welcome to the East Los Angeles College folklórico dance classes. After a successful summer course on dances from Nuevo Leon; students learned El Cerro de La Silla, Cascada, El Pavido Navido, and El Circo. We had fun working three days a week to see great dance skills developed in a short six week-course.

I am excited to begin a new academic year; I feel enthusiastic about all the potential students have to learn and perform Mexican folklórico as an art form. I am also happy to announce that in a near future, East Los Angeles College will offer a Folklórico Dance Certification; when this program is ready students will benefit by having a certification in Folklorico Dance.

Because I obtained part of my dance training at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas from the Universidad de Guadalajara, I want to use my memories from back in the 1960s when I used to dance with calzón blanco y huaraches; yes, there was a time when there were dancers representing the authentic ranchero style. But, I am just kidding, this fall 2005, I am going to teach sones from Jalisco that are classic in the mariachi style and consequently unique in the dance form such as El Triste, Los Arrieros and El Pasacalles. I prepared a new class called 481 Jalisco Dance skills; this class will reinforce your dance technique in the Jalisco Dance Style. Other courses offered this fall 2005 are:

484 Banda Ranchera is an aerobic class using the music and rhythms of the popular Banda.

419 Mexican folklórico Skills is a basic course for beginners; of course I accept beginners in all my classes.

814 Dance Production This course is designed for students who want to develop their dance skills to a performing level. Course content includes the folk dance and music from selected areas of Mexico. Attention will be devoted to learn dance technique to fully comprehend and interpret the selected dances for this semester. Note: This course is combined with 481 Jalisco Dance Skills; students registered in the production class will meet additional time TBA. 458 Latin American Dance Cultures is a lecture class that examines the cultural values of traditional dances from Mexico and Latin America.

Coming soon I will offer a class called Ritual Dances of Mexico, which will cover Danzas such as Los Huahuas, La Danza del Pescado, El Venado, Danza Azteca, Los Xules y más!

Come and check East Los Angeles College’s Cultural Dance Program, it is unique and focuses on traditional style; my folklórico dance experience of forty-plus years is worth while to benefit from. For additional information please see my class schedule for fall 2005. Register ASAP since the fall classes begin September 6, 2005. Use the ELAC link to get access to registration. Thank you for visiting this site. Benjamin. (323) 265-8921.