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Pep Squad Club: Constitution
Article II

Section 1: Membership

All students officially enrolled and attending courses at East Los Angeles College are eligible to participate in the Pep Squad Club. Students currently enrolled in the ELAC Cheerleading Technique Course may automatically take part in the Pep Squad Club. Any students wishing to join the actual ELAC Cheerleading Team will have to attend 2 clinics and audition for a position on the team during set try out dates. Students interested in taking a position on the board in the club must run for each individual position and present their reasons and answer questions to and from other members of the club before members vote on each board position.

Section 2: Qualifications and Vacancies

  • The candidate must be actively enrolled, attending and successfully completing classes in a minimum of 9 units and must be a current member of the ASU (associate student union). The candidate must have a 2.0 grade point average in all work completed at East Los Angeles College.
  • The term of office for all members of student government shall begin immediately after the first meeting held after the first tryouts, and will be held till March of the following year.
  • Any unexcused absence exceeding 3 days will automatically disqualify the person from any club or team position. The vacancy created by such disqualification shall be filled by the Pep Squad Club President or Vice President.
  • No one person shall hold more than one office position in the following categories on the Pep Squad Club Board: President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasure, and Delegate. A person can hold only one of these positions at a time; unless a vacancy becomes apparent then the president or vice president must substitute the position. A person can hold a second position aside from the above categories. Those positions are as listed: Social Chair, Historian or Fundraiser. If any office is left open it will be the duty of the president to fill in the position until another person runs for and is voted into the vacant position. If the president can not fill in the position(s) the vice president will support the president by filling in a position that the president can not hold. If the President can not fulfill the role and responsibilities of a president then the vice president will fill in a president, hence forth filling in any vacant positions.

Section 3: Activity Fee

An activity fee of $20.00 dollars per year will be charged for students who participate in the club. This fee will be used towards fundraisers. Pep Squad Club Members are also required to purchase an ASU # from the ELAC Associated Student Union Office or Fiscal Office and present it to the club secretary for records. Pep Squad Club Members are also required to purchase a tee shirt that represents ELAC or the Pep Squad club to be worn at all activities, events, or meetings or all. There is no stipends to disburse to any members throughout the year. Each board position and club members will be fulfilled with the knowledge and agreement that the club responsibilities will be completed as individual and group volunteered commitments to the Pep Squad Club in interest to the Pep Squad Club, its members, constitution, and mission.

Section 4: Structure

The Pep Squad Club shall consist of three bodies:

  • The Pep Squad Club Board will serve as the legislative, coordinating and sponsoring branch of the organization.
  • The Cheerleading Team will function as the judicial branch of the organization.
  • The Cheerleading Technique Course will act as a committee that will provide recommendations to the Pep Squad Club Board regarding optional matters.