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East Los Angeles College

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Pep Squad Club Cheerleaders Team
Article III
2016/17 Board Members
President: Aime Castaneda
Vice President: Jessica Correno-Holguin
Treasure: Marleen Perez
Secretary: Dominique Porter
Assistant Secretary: Dominique Porter
Delegate: Alleana Ramirez
Alternate Delegate: Aime Castaneda
Social Chair: Breanna Lozano, Sun Xinran (Jessica), Aliyah McNeel, Donise Smith
Fundraiser: Justine Herrera, Aliyah McNeel
Fundraiser: Marleen Perez, Jessica Correno-Holguin

If any of the above members are changed, the Pep Squad Club will notify the ASU Advisor of the change and of the replacement(s) voted by the club members.