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Math 110 for Faculty: Common Final Information

The departmental common final must be weighted as 25% of the final grade. This must appear in your syllabus. Keep in mind that 70% is considered passing on the common final.

Structure of the common final:

Structure of the common final: The common final is multiple choice. Please notify your students that they will need a scantron, several sheets of scratch paper and several #2 pencils in order to take the final. You will be provided with two versions of the final exam, differentiated by color. You must instruct your students to mark the version number of the exam on the scantron - if they do not, you will be unable to grade them accurately.

Grading the common final:
You will be provided with the keys to both versions of the exam. Please grade your scantrons using the scantron machine available in Reprographics or D7a. If you do not know how to use the machine, please read this document.

Returning the common final packet:

After you have graded your common finals please return the original packet with all of the exam packets and all of the scantrons. Please do not staple the scantrons together or to the exam packets

2012 - 2013 Common Final Calendar:

  Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015 Summer 2014
Exam packets are available* TBA TBA TBA 3 days before your final
Exam packets must returned by** TBA TBA TBA The Tuesday following your final

*from Marisol in the Math Dept. (C2.128B) during normal business hours.
**to Melanie Xie: either personally to her in C2.123B, via campus mail, or to the Math Dept. (C2.128B) during normal business hours.

Questions? Please email Melanie Xie ( or Ruben Arenas (