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Welcome to Nursing Department

Lurelean B. Gaines, Chairperson


Nursing provides unlimited opportunities for creativity, innovation and leadership while demanding integrity, commitment and compassion. The role of a nurse is varied. You may practice as a caregiver, educator or researcher. The work is deverse, complex, demanding, challenging, and above all, very gratifying.


Important Update 9/2016

We are not closing.

We will not be giving out new applications for the rest of this year (2016)

Updates will be posted here and have the most up to date information so please check this website regularly.

We are currently not accepting transfer students due to limited space. Transfer students are considered students who have been in another nursing program.

If you are an LVN and have completed all the prerequisites and have passed the TEAS test (Version 5 with a score of 62% or above) you can get on our waiting list. Our waiting time is at least 2 ½ years. In order to get on our waiting list you need to meet with Mr. Hayashi, the nursing counselor. He is located in the counseling department. Counseling appointments can only be scheduled in person at the counseling department. For more appointment information call the counseling department at (323) 265-8751.