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Faculty & Staff
Full-time Faculty

      Dr. Marcel Morales                                Dr. Anthony Samad

     Dr. Marcel Morales                            Dr. Anthony Samad
       Department Chair                     Professor of African American Studies 
and Professor of Sociology
and Political Science 
        Office: 307P                                  Office: 307M
    Phone: (323) 780-6775                       Phone: (323) 265-8938
   Email:                    Email:


       Professor David Song                                Professor David Song

     Professor Wooi-Chin Ong                      Professor David Song
Professor of Asian American Studies                Associate Professor
 Office: 307B                            of Asian American Studies
  Phone: (323) 780-6834                             Office: 307B 
  Email:                        Phone: (323) 415-5061 


       Dr. Murniz Allen Coson                                Professor David Song

   Dr. Murniz Allen Coson                          Professor Ralph Dieter
Asst. Professor of Economics                     Professor of Economics
       Office: 307R                                  Office: 307N
   Phone: (323) 415-5434                        Phone: (323) 265-8940
   Email:                      Email: 


       Professor Robert John Arias                                Professor Michael Colling

  Professor Robert John Arias                    Professor Michael Colling
    Professor of History                           Professor of History
       Office: 307R                            Office: South Gate Campus
   Phone: (323) 780-6734                        Phone: (323) 265-8827
   Email:                        Email:


       Dr. Barbara Dunsheath                                Professor Fernando Mejia

    Dr. Barbara Dunsheath                        Professor Fernando Mejia
     Professor of History                       Assistant Professor of History
       Office: 307E                                   Office: 307R
    Phone: (323) 780-6770                       Phone: (323) 415-5468
   Email:                     Email:


       Dr. Leonard Melchor                                Professor Carlos Ramirez

     Dr. Leonard Melchor                        Professor Carlos Ramirez
 Assistant Professor of History               Associate Professor of History
  Office: South Gate Campus                        Office: 307C
   Phone: (323) 568-5803                       Phone: (323) 780-6771
  Email:                      Email:


      Dr. Liliana Urrutia                                Professor Steve Wardinski

     Dr. Liliana Urrutia                          Professor Steve Wardinski
   Professor of History                            Professor of History
       Office: 307G                                  Office: 307D
  Phone: (323) 265-8935                        Phone: (323) 780-6772
  Email:                        Email:


      Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert                                Professor Rogelio Garcia

 Dr. Kenneth Chaiprasert                         Professor Rogelio Garcia
Asst. Professor of Political Science             Political Science Instructor
      Office: 307Q                                 Office: 307S
  Phone: (323) 415-5466                         Phone: (323) xxx-xxxx
  Email:                        Email:


      Professor Jeffrey Hernandez                                Dr. Natalina Monteiro

 Professor Jeffrey Hernandez                      Dr. Natalina Monteiro
Professor of Political Science                 Professor of Political Science
      Office: 307H                                  Office: 307L
 Phone: (323) 265-8824                        Phone: (323) 780-6779
 Email:                       Email:

      Professor Maria Quintero                                Dr. Eileen Ie

 Professor Maria Quintero                            Dr. Eileen Ie
Asst. Professor of Political Science         Associate Professor of Sociology
 Office: South Gate Campus                        Office: 307T
 Phone: (323) 568-5804                        Phone: (323) 780-6833
 Email:                      Email:


      Professor Irwing Jimenez                                Professor LaQuita Jones

  Professor Irwing Jimenez                      Professor LaQuita Jones
   Sociology Instructor                      Asst. Professor of Sociology
      Office: 307S                                  Office: 307K
  Phone: (323) xxx-xxxx                        Phone: (323) 415-5465
   Email:                           Email:


      Dr. Rin Kahla                                Professor Elizabeth Ortega

       Dr. Rin Kahla                             Professor Elizabeth Ortega
   Professor of Sociology                      Asst. Professor of Sociology
      Office: 307J                             Office: South Gate Campus
  Phone: (323) 780-6774                        Phone: (323) 568-5802
  Email:                         Email:



Cindy Flores
Department Secretary
Office: F7-307                                 
Phone: (323) 265-8829