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Adelante First-Year Experience

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Adelante Mission Statement:

Adelante First-Year Experience Program (FYE) at East Los Angeles College provides academic and social enrichment for first-year scholars of any age, life situation, or background. FYE enhances the experience of scholars by providing programming within thematic cohorts that promote self-advocacy and a college-going mindset.

What is Adelante?

Adelante First-Year Experience is a year-long program that provides scholars (Adelanteros) enrollment into learning communities (cohort). The purpose is to help scholars network with professors, scholars and Adelante staff to assure they succeed during their first-year and persist to their second year at ELAC.

Counseling and intrusive case management by a dedicated counselor and linked Academic Coach (Graduate Student Intern) with the FYE Math, English and other required courses provide assurance that the FYE scholar is doing well academically and socially.

Adelante FYE is located in the First-Year Center to ensure that all first-year scholars have a home while at ELAC and are continuously inspired to achieve greatness.

Benefits of joining Adelante FYE:

  1. Adelante FYE scholars enroll in cohort courses that have built in academic supports.

  2. Throughout the scholars’ year commitment with Adelante FYE, they learn about and develop self-advocacy skills and pursue a college-going mindset via various programming, mentorship, counseling and educational trips.

  3. Adelante FYE scholars have full support from a dedicated and empowering family. The FYE family includes staff and professors who are equipped to fully guide them to reach their academic potential, inspire them to transfer to a four-year university and achieve greatness.


  1. Apply for Adelante FYE via the on-line application (This does not guarantee acceptance into the program)
  2. Commitment to the Adelante First-Year Experience Program Requirements (Please See “Scholar Participation Contract”)
  3. Enroll in Adelante First-Year Experience Program courses for one academic year (Fall to Spring)
  4. Qualify for Math 115 125 or 227
  5. Qualify for English 21, 28, 101 or 103
  6. Registered ELAC Scholar with less than 6 college units
  7. Concurrent enrolled high school students cannot be on academic probation