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MESA Doing Research 2009

Name Program Institute Title
Aceves, Gustavo REU CSU Los Angeles Schieleren Method for Jet Engine Combustion Analysis
Corral, Edgar NSF Eng Project CSU Los Angeles Pathway to Engineering
Fei, YonXin UseIT/ MSEIP USC/SCEC UseIT Drupal Website Development
Flores, Tamara MSEIP UC Irvine Characterization of Escherichia Coli Strains for Inhalation Studies
Garcia, Saul UseIT/ MSEIP USC/SCEC 2009 SCEC-VDO Production Team Project
Hernadez, Celina Bridges to the Future CSU Los Angeles Transformation, Amplification and Sequencing of Helper Plasmids Encoding the NP, P, and L Proteins of Sendai Virus For Use In Reverse Genetics
Hernandez, Silvia CENS UC Los Angeles Dynamic Testing of Pedestrian Bridges
Hernandez, Susana MSEIP Cal Tech Bulk Glasses Derived from Fe40 Ni40 B6 P14
Hernandez, Timothy REU CSU Los Angeles Fuel Cell Application
Lopez Josue MURF Cal Tech Ion Bombardment of Graphene
Medrano, Yves REU CSU Los Angeles Particulate Matter: A New Approach
Ortiz, Jesse Bridges to the Future CSU Los AngelesV Transcript Levels of Transgenic p53 and Downstream Target Genes in Stably Transfected Balb 10(1) Cells
Quiroz, Roque UseIT/ MSEIP USC/SCEC 2009 SCEC-VDO Production Team Project
Santos, Mariana PreMD UC Los Angeles SMDEP at UCLA
Soh, David Sukhyn MSEIP Cal Tech Bulk Metallic Glass Evidence of Two Glass Transition in a Zr Ti Be metal
Vasquez, Maria G. REU CSU Los Angeles Analysis of Polluted Water and Sediment Samples using Ion Chromatography