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MESA Doing Research 2010

Name Program Institute Title
Alanis, Emiglio UseIt USC-SCEC UseIT 2010 Media Team
Contreras, Marilyn UseIt USC-SCEC 2010 CMS Implementation
Deolarte, Arnol UseIt USC-SCEC 2010 CMS Implementation
Garcia, Saul CENS UCLA-CENS Large-Scale Destructive Testing of Structural Components
Flores, Tamara GSTCP EPA Trace Metal Analysis, Inductively Coupled Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Hernandez, Celina Bridges CSULA Isolation and Mutagenesis of p KSSEV, for use in the reverse genetics viral recovery system
Hernandez, Karina MBRS RISE CSULA-MBRS RISE Novel function of the HOST DEFENSE protein PLUNC
Kuy, Vanntha REU CSULA-REU  
Lee, Daniel MURF Cal Tech-MURF  
Lopez, Josue REU CSULA-REU Engineering  
Luis, Daniel MURF Cal Tech-MURF  
Luna, Angel MURF Cal Tech-MURF Peptide Based Inhibitor of HIV1 viral membrane fusion
Magana, Angel GSTCP CSUS Chemistry Artificial Synthesis of Kavain
Medrano, Yves REU CSULA Engineering Reducing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a Combustion Chamber
Perez, Rachel REU U of PR Biology  
Ramirez, Gerardo GSTCP GSTCP/UCI Mouse Inhaled Aerosol Dosimetry
Ramirez, Gerald GSTCP GSTCP/EPA  
Rodriguez, Juan UseIt USC-SCEC UseIT UseIT 2010 Media Team
Serrato, Christopher   CSULA/ Brazil-Chemistry  
Ullah, Adam CENS UCLA/CENS Creating Energy Awareness
Valencia, Aurelio UseIt USC-SCEC UseIT The El Mayor-Cucapah Sequence
Vasquez, Mariya REU CSULA-REU Chemistry Detection of Phosphorus Oxyanions in Termite Gut Extracts Using IC-MS
Watanabe, Lisa MURF Cal Tech-MURF Palladium Based Bulk Metallic Glass for Biomedical Applications