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2012 SLO Proficiency Portfolio
Proficiency Statement 2:

There is widespread institutional dialogue about the results of assessment and identification of gaps.

The Learning Assessment (LA) Team (2.1) acts as the primary interface for creating dialogue about assessment data. They are responsible for communicating outcome assessment trends (2.2, 2.3) and regularly report trends and gaps in student learning to the departments, the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC), Academic Senate, and the Educational Planning Sub Committee (EPSC). The recommendations often result in offering professional development opportunities that emphasize outcomes and student engagement, such as the Learning Assessment Online Workshop (2.4).

Individual disciplines have also used outcome results to increase dialogue about students and to change pedagogical practices. For example, analysis of a writing-centered outcome in Art History revealed problems with student writing. Art History instructors paired with the Writing Center to train specific tutors to work with students; they also developed a writing handbook for their courses. Additionally, they have now revised their courses to add an additional hour specifically for writing instruction (2.5, 2.6).

General Education Outcome (GEO) assessment has brought the widest dialogue to campus. Each GEO area is comprised of an ad hoc committee that includes at least one, but often more, representative from departments within that area. Assessments have been conducted by 3 of 5 areas (2.7), with the remaining two areas to be completed in Spring 2013. Results were discussed at Opening Day 2012 (2.8). Faculty, recognizing that communication skills will not improve unless students do more writing, requested a workshop on designing writing assignments for novice writers and on best practices for assessing and providing feedback for writing assignments (2.9).

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