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2012 SLO Proficiency Portfolio
Proficiency Statement 3:

Decision-making includes dialogue on the results of assessment and identification of gaps.

Course Learning Outcome (CLO), Student Service Outcome (SSO), and Administrative Unit Outcome (AUP) assessment results are used as data in the Annual Update Plans (AUPs) which drive decisions and budgetary and hiring requests for the future year (3.1, 3.2). Assessment results have also helped some departments determine which courses will be offered to meet student needs (3.3).

The AUPs ask departments and units to align assessment results with goals in September; this information is used in January when departments and units prepare the budgetary worksheets, with assessment results used to justify allocation requests.

Program-level assessment results will be used as data for the 6-year cycle for Program Review Self-Evaluation (PRS-E, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6). As part of the development of Programs of Study, departments accounted for all Title 5 programs through a clustering process; departments also created curriculum maps (6.1, 6.2) to guide the development of assessment plans that include both direct and indirect measures. The PRS-E will be used by the campus to better serve our students and make data-supported decisions. Each section of the PRS-E will be validated by the appropriate committee, with the Learning Assessment Committee (LAC, 3.7) providing commendations and recommendations on the program-level assessments and results.

The results of the Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) assessment (1.4) were used to help revise the Educational Master Plan (1.5), which emphasized the need for more professional development activities on innovative teaching strategies and for a plan to better integrate student support services.

Admissions, Counseling, Matriculation and Assessment have developed program outcomes that will assess best practices in the matriculation process. This area will be assisted in their efforts by the resources of the Learning Assessment Office, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE), the Student Success Committee, and the Achieve the Dream efforts.

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