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2012 SLO Proficiency Portfolio
Proficiency Statement 4:

Appropriate resources continue to be allocated and fine-tuned.

There is continued resource allocation for Learning Outcome (LO) development and activities on campus with the Learning Assessment Office (LAO), but the allocation has been reduced. Currently the LAO is comprised of 1 coordinator (.8, 4.1) and 1 facilitator (.4, 4.2) who help to train faculty and staff on the LO process. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) assists the LAO both with the aggregation of data as well as with training faculty and staff on gathering and assessing data.

Departments and units reference LO activities and assessment results in the Annual Update Plans (AUP). Assessment results are tied to budgetary needs, such as the English Department requests for funding for department-wide norming sessions (4.3). Auto Technology determined that students were not meeting their benchmark because they lacked access to critical software and were funded for that software (4.4).

After several assessment cycles which have generated inconclusive results, the Speech department has requested that the LAO and OIE assist in the assessment process in order to gather student-level data to supplement the results they already have (4.5). Resources were shifted to OIE to allow for this process to occur.

Resources were also provided to the LAO to develop a norming process (4.6) for the English Department's accelerated-instruction project (FIWI). The LAO and OIE also provided data analysis (4.7) to enhance the robust discussion of the FIWI team.

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