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2012 SLO Proficiency Portfolio
Proficiency Statement 5:

Comprehensive assessment reports exist and are completed and updated on a regular basis.

With the assistance of the LAO, most departments have created Strategic Assessment Plans (SAPs) so that the assessment process does not become overwhelming (5.1, 5.2, 5.3). CLO reports are due in TracDat as each course moves through the assessment cycle.

Many departments have engaged in the process with interesting results about student knowledge and skills. Here are several examples:

  • Geography discovered that students are only reading at a middle-school level, leading to poor assessment results. While continuing to rely on the text, they will focus more on active engagement to gain knowledge (5.4a, 5.4b, 5.4c).
  • Chicano/a Studies reports show engagement in discussion about CLOs in terms of ensuring students gain the necessary knowledge and skills but also in terms of ensuring that all faculty are comfortable with teaching the CLOs and with retaining academic freedom in the way the CLOs are approached. These discussions have led to curriculum revision (5.5a, 5.5b, 5.5c).
  • Library Science has worked to continually push their benchmark and achievement rates higher with a significant increase in hands-on research work for the students. (5.6).
  • In American Sign Language 4, instructors found that students struggled with basic signing skills; ASL will pilot a new pedagogical approach to introductory signing to see if that creates improvement to skills in later levels (5.7).
  • Law has worked to incorporate authentic practices in their classes and has found that students need more of that work to be successful at the outcomes. (5.8).
  • Instructors in Respiratory Therapy discovered that students need more visual components both in lab and lecture to enable them to succeed at the outcomes (5.9).

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