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2012 SLO Proficiency Portfolio
Proficiency Statement 6:

Course student learning outcomes are aligned with degree student learning outcomes.

Programs of Study were created to identify pathways through disciplines that a student might take to achieve an educational goal. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs, 1.6) were developed; then, courses within the programs were mapped through analysis of the CLOs and course curriculum, in part to identify appropriate assessment points. The Learning Assessment Office and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness worked with departments to create curriculum maps (6.1, 6.2).

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) were mapped to Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs, 6.3) for the purpose of broad assessment of the ILOs. While this approach initially seemed promising, the direct gain of understanding of student learning in the specific ILOs was not satisfactorily measured. Results indicated a need for a more hands-on approach to ILO assessment

Since the General Education Outcomes (GEOs, 2.7) were undergoing an assessment process, dialog was initiated to fold the GEOs and ILOs together to provide a more comprehensive approach to broad assessment of student skills. This dialog began with mapping of the ILOs to the GEOs to demonstrate the overlap in skills being assessed (6.4). As this process moves forward, assessment of the GEOs will continue as will assessment of select ILOs (6.5).

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