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STEM Guide to Academic Success


Guide to Academic Success in STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math - Opening the doors to exciting, challenging, fun and well-paying careers.

A recent report states "Expertise in STEM fields promotes inventiveness, scientific discovery, and efficiency in the way things are done, while also opening up new job and economic opportunities. Due to technological advances, STEM jobs in the United States in the past ten years have grown at three times the pace of non-STEM jobs, and are projected to continue growing at this pace through the next decade. STEM jobs require technical expertise, specialized training, or higher education, making the typical job seeker in the United States under-qualified for a job in a STEM field. As a result, there are not enough qualified job candidates in the United States to fill all of these projected positions, even during this time of high unemployme..."1 In addition, the field is under-represented by the Hispanic, African American, and women populations. Our goal at ELAC is to increase their participation and success.

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