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About the Enrichment Program

The STEM faculty at ELAC have a rich and diverse set of experiences they wish to share with ELAC students. Sometimes faculty have a topic that they would love to share but for whatever reason it doesn't fit into the normal curriculum. The STEM Enrichment Program allows these faculty, whether they are full-time or adjunct, the opportunity to apply and receive financial support to create specialized "Enrichment Workshops".

The goal of the workshops is to enrich and enhance the learning experiences of our STEM students by providing new skills and/or content knowledge that goes beyond the usual lower division STEM curricula offered at community college. Enrichment workshops should not be review sessions.

Enrichment Workshops should, at least, do one of the following:

  • Teach a new hard skill - such as using software or performing an advanced lab method.
  • Broaden and/or supplement material offered in existing courses - such as applying methods from a course to advanced problems.
  • Teach advanced course content that is insufficient in length and/or inappropriate in scope to justify creating a new course