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East Los Angeles College

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Tutoring helps you, as a student, excel academically. Tutoring is a free service for all ELAC students and is offered for most STEM subjects. Access MESA center latest tutoring schedule to "Access MESA's latest tutoring schedule here. We are committed to assisting students develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their coursework and in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.


As a tutoring participant, you will:

  1. gain a better understanding of the material from tutors who have mastered the coursework
  2. be able to review key concepts from courses
  3. be able to ask the questions you did not ask in class
  4. be better prepared to participate in class
  5. learn new methods for note taking and textbook reading
  6. be able to formulate questions to take back to professors about course material
  7. learn new study strategies


STEM tutoring is currently offered in MESA Center, Math Lab, and Learning Center. Each offer unique set of services and cater to different student needs. Please contact or visit the individual center to obtain detailed information and determine which center is right for you:

  1. MESA Center, E7-210, 323-780-6730
  2. Math Lab, G5-LL009, 323-415-4191
  3. Learning Center, E3-280, 323-265-8762

Please feel free to contact us for additional information. Access MESA center latest tutoring schedule