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Career Technical Education

The mission of Career Technical Education is to provide industry linked programs and services that enable all individuals to reach their career goals in order to achieve economic self sufficiency, compete in the global marketplace, and contribute to California’s economic prosperity.


Career Technical Education will engage every student in high quality, rigorous, and relevant educational pathways and programs, developed in partnership with business and industry, promoting creativity, innovation, leadership, community service, and lifelong learning, and allowing students to turn their "passions into paychecks"- their dreams into careers.

Certificates, Degrees, Disciplines and Skills Certificates:

Disciplines: Department Name AA Degree Certificate Programs Skills Certificate
Administration of Justice: Admin. of Justice X X X
Administration of Justice: Fire Technology X   X
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Anthropology X    
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Earth Science      
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Environmental Science      
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Geography      
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Geology      
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: International Business   X  
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Meteorology      
Anthropology, Geography, Geology: Oceanography      
Architecture X X X
Arts: Animation X X X
Arts: Art X X  
Automobile Technology X X X
Business Administration: Accounting X X X
Business Administration: Business X X  
Business Administration: CSIT X X X
Business Administration: Finance      
Business Administration: Law      
Business Administration: Management X X  
Business Administration: Marketing X X  
Business Administration: Real Estate X X X
Business Administration: Supervision      
Chicano Studies X    
Child, Family, and Education Studies: Child Development X X X
Child, Family, and Education Studies: Education      
Child, Family, and Education Studies: Family and Consumer Studies   X X
Computer Applications & Office Technologies X X X
Electronics     X
Engineering: Civil Engineering      
Engineering: Computer Aid Drafting X X  
Engineering: Electrical Engineering      
Engineering: General Engineering      
English: English      
English: English as a Second Language (ESL)      
English: Humanities      
English: Learning Skills      
English: Reading      
Foreign Language: American Sign Language      
Foreign Language: Chinese      
Foreign Language: French      
Foreign Language: Italian      
Foreign Language: Japanese      
Foreign Language: Spanish      
Journalism: Journalism X X  
Journalism: Public Relations X X  
Life Science: Anatomy X X  
Life Science: Biology   X X
Life Science: Electron Microscopy X X  
Life Science: Emergency Department Assistant   X  
Life Science: Health Information Technology X X X
Life Science: Medical Assisting X X X
Life Science: Microbiology      
Life Science: Physiology      
Life Science: Respiratory Therapy X X  
Mathematics X    
Nursing X X  
Physical Education - Men & Women: Dance Studies      
Physical Education - Men & Women: Dance Techniques      
Physical Education - Men & Women: Health      
Physical Education - Men & Women: Physical Education X    
Physical Education - Men & Women: Physical Fitness and Body Movement      
Psychology   X X
Social Sciences: African-American Studies      
Social Sciences: Asian-American Studies      
Social Sciences: Economics      
Social Sciences: History      
Social Sciences: Political Science      
Social Sciences: Sociology      
Speech and Theater Arts: Broadcasting      
Speech and Theater Arts: Speech Communication      
Speech and Theater Arts: Theater X   X