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East Los Angeles College


College Accounts: Administrative

As an ELAC employee you are automatically created an Administrative Account. This account is important to you as it provides you with access to our computer networks, wireless access, and email. This will be your official college email account and is the preferred method to communicate with your colleagues, department chair, administrations, etc. Please note, we would recommend using your Office 365 email account to communicate with your students. The Office 365 email account offers a plethora of features that will be beneficial for collaboration.


  • DEC – Used to log into your webfaculty site to process your TBA roster, Census Roster, and assign grades. For more information regarding your DEC account please see “What can I do with my DEC account”.
  • BW – Business Warehouse Account (Fiscal Department)
  • SAP GUI – (Administrative Departments)
  • SAP Portal – Log into the SAP portal to access your employment health benefits, status, sick days, vacation time, update your emergency text messaging mobile numbers, and paycheck information.

What can I do with my DEC account?   

Go here to access login with your DEC account. 

Webfaculty Functions & Enhancements 

TBA Roster (New Function)

  • New Page accessible from the main menu by selecting a section and clicking 'TBA Roster'
  • Allows instructors to assign meeting time for a student or a group of students in a section designated as a 'TBA' section
  • Instructors use 'Scheduler' for efficient and error free entry of meeting time, meeting day and duration
  • A running total of assigned meeting time is displayed and compared against the required number of TBA hours
  • Allows instructors to view previously entered meeting time for students

Census Roster (New Function)

  • You may now get a section's Census Roster from Webfaculty
  • Added as a link within the 'View Roster' page
  • Click ‘Print Census Roster’ to view and print the section’s Census Roster

Assign Grades:

  • "I.D.G Resolution" field added (New Feature)
  • This field must contain text if an "I" grade is given
  • You may now partially grade a section, but grades cannot be changed after entry
  • Help file has been updated to accommodate this new feature


Webfaculty 2.4 Features

Paperless Entry:

  • You may now submit Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance electronically through Webfaculty
  • You will receive an E-signature number after logging in, and use it when submitting Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance
  • You no longer need to submit Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance paper to the admissions office

Alert Students:

  • You may now see the Early Alert Roster online
  • This function will allow you to post Early Alerts for students using the WebFaculty system

Download Menu:

  • Added 'Download Menu' button on Main Menu page
  • This button allows user to go to Download Menu page without selecting any section
  • Download Menu allows user to download to excel all or selected section(s) with a click of a button
  • Switching from one year semester to another is possible without going back to the Main Menu

Record Positive Attendance:

  • You may now partially submit the positive attendance for a section, and it can be changed after entry
  • Now you may record the Positive Attendance for non-graded classes 2 weeks prior and 30 days after the class ends
  • A timeout counter shows when the user's session will expire; and offers to renew the session upon expiration
  • If the class requires grading, the user is directed to enter Positive Attendance using the 'Assign Grades' function

Assign Grades:

  • In addition to grading, you may now enter Positive Attendance Hours for Positive Attendance classes
  • Removed the 400 student display limit
  • Students that have been dropped or excluded are displayed, but may not be graded
  • A timeout counter shows when the user's session will expire; and offers to renew the session upon expiration
  • Fixed the page submission delay for large sections

View Roster:

  • Added mass email functionality--You may now send an email to all students in your class
  • Added new 'Inactive Roster' page
  • Added IDG (Incomplete Default Grade) columns in all rosters and excel pages
  • Fixed errors in emailing students from the Class, Inactive and Standby Rosters
  • Mass Email feature is now available to send email to all students in a class

Exclude Students:

  • Added a 'Mandatory Exclusion Roster' page that allows exclusions based on 'no-shows' and 'not active as of census' conditions
  • You may now print Exclusion Rosters without excluding a student
  • Previously dropped or excluded students are displayed