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East Los Angeles College


Standardized Software:

In addition, we have standardized our software purchases as much as possible to keep the costs manageable. The campus has invested in software site-licenses and we take advantage of free or shareware software whenever possible.

Campus License Products:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Adobe Create Suite


Free OR Shareware Products:


Installation / Licensing:

  • We are in charge of installing computer hardware on campus. We strive to make timely deliveries of newly purchased hardware. We also maintain the computers and technology infrastructure on campus. As part of a continuous effort to protect data and ensure business continuity we incorporate systems to maintain system to maintain Windows up to date with the latest security patches.
  • InfoTech strives to keep up with latest software and hardware releases. When new products become available, the team begins researching the devices/products for functionality in a stand-alone and a networked environment.

Virus / Spyware

Computer viruses are created every day, and at ELAC we encounter a variety of them on a daily basis. Our team has implementation several layers of security to protect our network from viruses and malware to quarantine and remove any malicious viruses.  Even though we have numerous software to block the viruses we advised all ELAC employees and students to do their due diligence to be cautious of any suspicious emails and attachments and not to open them or run any unproperly license programs. If you encounter them, please informed our InfoTech department so that we are aware of the issues and most likely inform you to delete any emails or spam ware to eliminate propagation of the issue. The Department continuously in conjunction with the District and other nine colleges review the most update software to eliminate these issues for school applications.