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Course Management Systems

Moodle Logo Title V Web 2.0 Technology Programs support workshops in the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS), sometimes called Course Management Systems (CMS), for supporting any/all of the many classroom-based courses taught at ELAC. They include the widely used Moodle as well as the  college developed system,  the Academic Computing Environment, ACE. [In addition Distance Ed courses are taught using Etudes, contact Wendy Bass at for more information or for training. Once you are trained, you may use Etudes for web-assisted face-to-face classes, also.]

Moodle Features When choosing to use a CMS to supplement your course, a first step is to post the course Syllabus online. This now simplifies access by all students, thereby enhancing student accountability. Additional steps depend upon the instructor and the course, but may include posting copies of the classroom presentations as well as support material such as tutorials, podcasts, videos, and learning objects, as well as discussion forums and chat rooms to enhance student engagement. In addition, quizzes and grades may be posted.

Moodle, an open-source CMS is used by more than 25 million users, taking over 2 million courses in over 200 countries. Title V introduced this commercial CMS to ELAC in the summer of 2007. By the Fall of 2008, it's use had grown to over 100 courses being offered using Moodle support. For more information, please click on the Moodle tab above.

ACE Tab on ELAC HomepageACE is an ELAC developed site which continues to be in development, expanding its features and capabilities. Some functionalities, like grades are not yet fully operational. In addition, up to now, the sites are not available before the start of classes to prepare the sites for your students), and the sites dissapear when the semester ends. Self-Help Tutorials in accessing and managing your ACE sites are available on the site and by e-mail, by contacting In addition, training in the use of ACE will be available at the TLC [F5, Rm 105]. Contact Chris Stychinsky at for more information.