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IT Strategic Plan:

The Information Technology Department is committed to the mission statement and vision of East Los Angeles College. We understand that providing prompt and optimal service to the faculty and staff will result in students receiving the best learning environment possible. The InfoTech department believes that ELAC students should graduate from ELAC being "Technology Savvy". Having a good perspective of technology will broaden our student's skills and give them the flexibility to address the challenges that they will encounter in their lives and career.

ELAC's technological infrastructure allows students to learn more about technology either on campus and off-campus. Our classrooms are equipped with the modernized "Smart Classrooms", which allow faculty members to focus on teaching their course materials while we focus on delivering the materials to the classrooms. Online Course Management Systems like our Academic Computing Environment (ACE) portal, Moodle, Etudes allow students to learn anywhere via the worldwide internet. These are just a few technologies implemented at our college that will assist students to learn more about technology.

The Information Technology at ELAC ensures that all areas of the campus (Academic, Administrative, and District wide) are supported equally and are provided with the proper attention for college-initiated programs and grants related programs.

The InfoTech department participates in several committees on campus including the Technology Planning Subcommittee, Shared Governance Council, Budget Subcommittee, and the Administrative Council. Actively participating in these committees allows the IT department to understand current or potential campus issues, acknowledge statewide and nationwide compliances such the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Disabilities Act of 1990, understand District and internal budget expenditures, and support the goals and missions of the Technology Master Plan.

In addition to implementing and enhancing the latest technology, the InfoTech department works with all departments to promote the usage of the technology both in and out of the classroom Our department has produced bookmarks, brochures, diagrams, newsletters, and populated our website with information regarding the technology on campus. Enhancements such as the upgrade of our network infrastructure from a T1 line on campus to a new GigaMAN service (Figure 1.0) have dramatically improved our network connectivity to a more reliable, scalable, and ubiquitous service. This improvement has opened the door for opportunities to add more technology to the campus. Technology like campus-wide VoIP operations, streaming video channels, and improved access to application on campus are now available as a result of this upgrade.

AT&T Network Diagram 1 Figure 1

The South Gate Educational Center has also improved their internet connectivity with the OPT-E-MAN connection. Similar to the GigMAN, the OPT-E-MAN also dramatically increases the capacity of the bandwidth within their Local Area Network.

AT&T Network Diagram 2 Figure 2

IT Announcements
Welcome to the newly designed IT Website. Please browse around the website to learn more about the technology that has been implemented within recent years. We have normalized the new website navigation on the left hand side to make it easier for you to find your technological needs. Also, please refer to our FAQ page as well.