Image Header of East Los Angeles College - Commencement 2013
Congratulations 2014 Graduation Candidates!

Oscar Valeriano Jr. Congratulations Great People!! With all the challenges you have had to face these few years from personal and environmental, like maneuvering through the campus with all the construction obstacles, you finally have made it as the graduation theme states, "Building a Better Tomorrow One Generation at a Time".

For some of you have finally received the certification you sought, for others you're on the right path for transferring and accomplishing your dreams for a higher education. We, your ELAC campus family, including classified, certificated and administrative staff are very proud of each and every one of you. WE know that the education you have received will enable you to "Build a Better Tomorrow", for a brighter future for us all. We are confident that the academic skills you have received will be the foundation of problem solving skills that will help you to accomplish anything you attempt to do in your life.

As alumni when you return you will see a campus transformed into one of the major educational institutions in California, both academically and in appearance. As you have maneuvered through the campus to get to classes, when you return, you will see it was well worth it. We all congratulate you for the sacrifices you made here at ELAC.

Always remember that others, especially your families, have been in this long journey with you. Just look at their faces as you walk with them at the end of the ceremony and you will see the pride and hope they have in each of you. Be sure to thank them not only for their invaluable support, but also for putting up with you! My personal prayers and well wishes are with each of you, and as one of our great leaders Cesar Chavez said, anything is possible in your lives. You can do it, Si Se Puede".


Oscar Valeriano Jr.,
Vice President, Student Services