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Language Tips

  • Label objects in your home with Post-It notes in the new language (e.g., your TV, bed, dresser, blender, windows, closets, computer, etc.) to reinforce vocabulary and keep your brain in that language mode.

  • Stop thinking in your native language. As much as possible, think in the language you are learning.

  • Find a pen pal who writes in the language you are learning.

  • Find a book that is available in both your native language and your new language. Read the version in your new language and refer to the native version as a guide to study sentence structure, syntax, grammar and diction. While reading both versions, notice the order of the parts of speech in the new language; also pay attention to the differences in text between your native language and the other language.

  • Use flashcards: Write a phrase or sentence on each card. Review and learn one card per day by using the phrase/sentence throughout the day.

  • Find lyrics for songs in the new language. Listen to the song while reading the lyrics. Singing along to songs is a great and fun way to improve fluency.