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Online Resources
Spanish -- Includes grammar and vocabulary lessons. -- Spanish to English & English to Spanish dictionary═ż includes examples of the searched word when used in different phrases -- Spanish TV and radio programs -- Spanish radio programs centered around Latin American stories

Japanese -- Both include introduction to Japanese language and culture, speaking and conversation practice, vocabulary, grammar -- Provides exercises using video skits -- Practice Japanese using anime and manga! -- Listening practice

French -- News in slow French -- French for all levels -- First-year French program developed at the University of Texas -- Fun French blog on French culture and tips on learning French -- French TV programs, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

ESL -- Interactive exercises for levels basic to advanced -- Includes grammar, vocabulary, and puzzles -- Includes grammar, vocabulary, and video lessons -- Includes listening lessons -- Lots of ESL games! and ESL-- Learning combined with recent news reports - interactive ESL lessons for all levels

Multilanguage Websites -- Both sites stream radio shows from around the globe -- Both sites feature conversation and self-paced exercises for multiple languages.

Please visit Reed College's Language Lab website for additional resources! They have an extensive list of complementary resources and great ideas for boosting your language practice!
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