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East Los Angeles College

Online Resources:
Getting Started - what these tools should do for us

Collaboration Tools

  • Google Docs - word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Docs - sharing, revision history, and saving the file
  • Presentations - use for prompts, planning, and (of course) presenting
  • Spreadsheets - cool tricks with fill and lookup the formula for the lookup is =googlelookup(cell,cell)
  • Forms - the magic of gathering data (Know your lyrics?)
  • Branching forms - this stuff just keeps getting better
  • Sites - building web pages, the Google way
  • Wikispaces - an especially education-friendly wiki company
Visual Tools

  • CoolIris - photo walls from search results (plug-in for browsers)
  • TagGalaxy - a world of photos from search results
More Google Fun - getting geographical, calendrical, and alertical; Wave and Buzz

  • Maps - (My Maps) grab a Google Earth file from wherever and try adding it to your Maps account
  • Google Lit Trips - great use of Earth with great works of literature
  • Calendar - (Other Calendars -> Add -> Browse Interesting Calendars) lots of fun stuff!
  • Alerts - every school should be using this
  • Wave - solid tool for small teams of 3-8 folks
  • Buzz - good backchannel tool integrated into Gmail
Cool Google Downloads - make sure your bandwidth is okay for these!

  • Earth - 3D Atlas (and Lit Trips)
  • Sketch Up - computer-aided design, without the heart-stopping price tab
  • Picasa - great for photos and organizing them
Communities - for us, for the kiddos

What You See and Hear - approaches to using audio, images, and video

Software and Sites You Might Want - fantastic freeware from the non-Google world