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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question: What is my ACE Login?


    For Faculty ACE Login:
    The username (ACE Login) is generated from a faculty's name using the [first six letters of the last name] + [initial of first name] + [initial of middle name]. For instance: Mark R. Robinson would have this username is robinsmr

    For Student ACE Login:
    Note: All students who are enrolled in at least one class, except for Non-Credit & Community Services classes, are automatically assigned an ACE login account.

    The username (ACE Login Account) must be 9-digit number of student's ID, starting with 88. For example, a student named John M. Smith with student ID number 881234567 then The Username is 881234567.

  • Question: Who do I contact if I forget my password?


    If you are forgot your username or password, please contact IT Help Desk at 323-265-8700 or email to for assistance. Our staff will assist you to re-set your password or username.

  • Question: How can I re-set my password?


    For the security purpose, re-set the password is only assistance by IT Department's Staff. Please contact IT Help Desk at 323-265-8700 or email to to re-set your password.

  • Question: How can I access to wireless and what is the requirements?


    Please click here for wireless network access instruction.

    In term of using ELAC wireless network, your laptop must has the following requirements as listed below:

    1. Students must have a wireless card in their laptop or other device,
    2. Antivirus software protection, and
    3. Academic Computing Environment (ACE) login Account.