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East Los Angeles College

ASU Board Positions
ASU Executive Board
President: Monique A. Hernandez
Vice President: Vacant
Vice President of Finance: Shannon Wu
Treasurer: Vacant
Chief Delegate: Daveed Lopez
Secretary: Summer French
Chief Justice: Destiny Hernandez
Historian: Jesika De Jesus
Associate Justice: Vacant

ASU Commissioners:
Commissioner of Arts & Humanities and Physical Education: Eric Eduardo Calderon
Commissioner of Communications: Vacant
Commissioner of Mathematical Concepts: Marlene Enriquez Zapien
Commissioner of Social and Behavioral Science: Priscilla M. Molina
Commissioner of Physical and Biological Science: Colleen Tamashiro
Commissioner of Vocational Studies: Rodrigo Jr Aguirre

ASU Senators:
Senator of Activities and Planning/Membership Services/Recruitment: Gary Garcia
Senator of Cultural Diversity/International: Georgex Tafoya
Senator of DSPS/Facilities and Planning/Health and safety: Manuel Aaron Miller
Senator of Political Activism: Vacant
Senator of South Gate: Vacant
Senator at Large: Jerry Wu

ASU board members are available on Main Campus East Los Angeles College, building "Campus Student Center" in Student Activities Office (F5-212)