Martha Gayton


images of Martha Gayton, Teacher I started teaching at the Child Development Center in 1977 and became an adjunct Child Development instructor in 1989. I have a Master's Degree in Child Development and I am a Mentor Teacher.

When children first enter my program they are observed and assessed to determine their interests, strengths, and needs. The activities within our learning centers are based on these observations in order to meet unique and varied learning styles. I tailor and differentiate my instructional approach so that students are able to achieve success.

A fundamental component that I integrate in my curriculum instruction is literacy. I hope to instill a love of books and learning through a print rich environment. This is all tied together with a sense of respect, self-worth, and the knowledge that all ideas are respected and appreciated.

My main goal is to instill the knowledge that school and learning are things to seek and enjoy throughout our lives.