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The following classes are offered by MLA with

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Math 115

This course covers the fundamentals of beginning algebra. Topics include signed numbers, evaluation of algebraic expressions, exponents, solving equations, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, quadratics, graphs, systems of equations, inequalities, and applications.

Math 125

This course strengthens and further develops manipulative skills in elementary algebra. Topics include the fundamental operations on algebraic expressions, solutions of equations and inequalities, exponentiation, graphs of algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities, and an introduction to the conic sections. Applications are included in a wide variety of word problems.

Math 227

This course is an introduction to probability, measures of central tendency and dispersion, descriptive and inferential statistics including sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing. Analysis of variance, chi-square and student t-distributions; linear correlation, and regression analysis are also presented as topics.

English 101

This is a college-level freshman composition course which focuses on expository writing and argumentation and requires the writing of a minimum of 6000 words in essays and a research paper. Students study a variety of texts written at the college level, including literature, that reflect current academic concerns relating to issues of language, ethnicity, class, gender, identity, psychology, and cultural studies. The course is intended for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university

English 103

This course develops critical thinking, reading, and argumentative writing skills beyond the level achieved in English 101 and requires the writing of a minimum of 10,000 words in essays and a research paper throughout the semester. It emphasizes reasoning, analysis and strategies of argumentation using interdisciplinary texts that include theoretical and literary works. Evaluations of texts reveal the multicultural/global aspects of our society

Biology 3

Introductory organismal plant and animal biology for non-majors with an emphasis on scientific methodology and basic biological principles. Topics include basic inorganic, organic and biochemical principles, structure and function of bacteria, plant and animal cells and tissues, energy systems of photosynthesis and respiration, cellular division, genetics and inheritance including Mendelian Punnett square problem solving, its application to normal and abnormal human genetic conditions, evolution and classification of bacteria, viruses, protist, fungi, plants and animals, diversity, behavior, and ecology of communities. The anatomy and physiology of plant and animal systems, development, growth and reproduction, transport systems, nutrition, and immunity are emphasized

Communication 101

In this course, training is offered in effective speech composition and delivery. The course assists in building confidence in the delivery of original presentations, acquaints students with the sources of speech materials, and develops discriminating listening through speech analysis.