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East Los Angeles College

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Guidelines for Audio Recording Lectures

Students who have Audio Recording accommodation agree in writing that they:

  • » Will use the records only for personal academic use during the specific course.
  • » Understand that faculty members have copyright interest in their class lectures and that     they agree not to infringe on this right in any way.
  • » Understand that the faculty member and students in the class have privacy rights and       agree not to violate those rights by using recordings for any reason other than their own     personal study.
  • » Will not release, digitally upload, broadcast, transcribe, or otherwise share all or any part of   the recordings.  They also agree that they will not profit financially and will not allow         others to benefit personally or financially from lecture recordings.
  • » Will erase/delete all audio recordings at the end of the semester.
  • » Understand that violation of these terms may subject them to discipline under the Student   Code of Conduct or subject them to liability under copyright laws.