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Student Spotlight
C.A.R.E. Student Spotlight Fall 2015: Juan Sandoval

image of Juan Sandoval's Family Juan is also one of the Peer Advisors for the EOPS/CARE Program, so he can help answer questions and give you up to date information.

My name is Juan Sandoval, as a single father of 3 children; Bryan, Jasmine & Kimberly. Growing up as a young man in a family of seven, I was expected to graduate from high school and get a job, so I did just that. I worked at Office Depot for 20 years, and achieved great levels of success, but during the recent recession I lost my job. With a family to support, it became very difficult, so I decided to go back to school and that is how I ended up at ELAC. I enrolled and have participated in the EOPS/CARE Programs and Cal-Works. With their assistance and guidance I have learned to once again become more self-sufficient, and I am getting closer to my goals of becoming a Nurse.

Currently, I hold a 3.385 gpa, and have received Certificates of Achievement from both CARE and Cal-Works. In addition, I have also received two Associates Degrees in General Studies; one in Social and Behavioral Science and the other in Natural Science. I am also finishing up the pre-requisites for Nursing, and hope to join the program soon.

Even though it has not been easy, what keeps me going are my kids. The advice I have for you as CARE students is to never give up, take it one step at a time, set self-reminders, and most importantly involve your kids in the experience. I bring them on campus with me so they can see that daddy is going to college, and at home I have study sessions with them. Afterall, my achievements are also theirs.