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Employment Announcements

MESA Seeking Program Assistants

MESA Program is seeking adaptable and active learners open to on-the-job training to fill program assistant positions. Must be a team-player! Good communication and customer service skills a plus!

Deadline to apply is June 10th.

For job description details click here.

Teacher Assistant Openings
Birdielee V. Bright Elementary School


  • Have 60 semester or 90 quarter units from a recognized college or university and pass the District Proficiency Test OR
  • Have an associate degree from a recognized college or university and pass the District Proficiency Test OR
  • Pass the Instructional Assistance Test. and the District Proficiency Test.
  • Be enrolled in school taking 12 semester or quarter units per semester or quarter
  • Bilingual Spanish/English preferred, but not required to apply

For information, click here

Find a Job/Internship

Job Internship Database

Career & Job Services would like to inform all students and Alumnus about our new Job Database!

To access the job database, simply, click on the ELAC Job System below and Use your student ID to create your account. Once your account is created, you can start searching for jobs, internships, and create resumes for employer viewing.

Student Access

The Los Angeles Community College District, East Los Angeles College, and Career & Job Services make no representation or warranty as to the legitimacy or accuracy of the individuals, firms, or businesses which seek to employ or procure individuals for possible employment through the Career & Job Services. Job seekers are encouraged to explore the backgrounds of these outside entities they seek to interview for potential employment.
East Los Angeles College and the Career & Job Services make no representation or warranty as to the workplace environment of any prospective employers posting advertisements within Career & Job Services. Job seekers applying for employment opportunities with these outside entities do so at their sole risk and hold the Career & Job Services, East Los Angeles College, and the Los Angeles Community College District harmless for any damages which may arise from employment with these outside employers.

College Central Network
ELAC jobs database is a free online job & internship board provided by East LA College in collaboration with College Central available to current students and alumni.
The national job board is accessed free of charge by ELAC students and alumni. grants one-stop access to job and internship opportunities and resources. Over 2 million jobs have been posted by employers targeting community college job seekers. offers ELAC students and alumni résumé building, referral, forwarding and archiving functions as well as career resources.


Internships provide an opportunity to facilitate student learning outside of the classroom, allowing students to apply academic theory to "real world" situations, explore career options and gain a competitive edge in the labor market. Employers benefit from additional labor, fresh ideas and the opportunity to create a pipeline for future employment.

What is an Internship?
An Internship is:

  • A supervised work experience that is designed to provide structured learning opportunities
  • Generally, minimum of one semester; however, can be project based
  • May be paid or unpaid
  • May offer academic credit upon completion

What is the difference between a job and an internship?
An Internship is:

  • Is related to the student's field of study
  • Provides on-the-job training & an opportunity to learn additional skills
  • Is designed to meet specific learning objectives
  • May be required to graduate
  • May be supplemented with additional academic assignments
  • Has a defined end date

What are the benefits of an Internship?
Internships provide an opportunity to:

  • Explore career options related to one's interests, values, skills & personality
  • Gain professional skills & self-confidence
  • Gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture
  • Develop related work experience & apply classroom learning
  • Establish connections & build a network of contacts

6-Steps to Obtaining an Internship:


  1. Consider the skills you may want to develop
    • What skills do you lack? Or require improvement?
    • What environment will provide you with the opportunity to develop these skills?
  2. Begin your search 3-6 months prior
  3. Update your resume
    • Academic project, relevant coursework, community involvement, or participation in student organizations
  4. Obtain faculty recommendation & prepare references
  5. Research fields and companies of interest
  6. Begin your search
    • Tell everyone you know (including faculty) that you are looking for an internship
    • Attend Career Fairs
    • Join professional organizations
    • Attend professional mixers & meetings
    • Utilize online resources
    • Utilize your social network and resources
Build LACCD Interns Program

The Build LACCD Interns Program is designed to expand opportunities on Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Bond Construction Projects. Working with firms on LACCD's Sustainable Building Program projects, we are creating hundreds of new exciting internships in a wide range of occupations. Internships are available in a variety of disciplines including construction management, architecture, engineering, computer graphics, film, marketing, business, customer services, and many others. Internships provide students with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's workplace. To learn more about the program and internship opportunities, please visit the career center and speak with the LACCD representative on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm or visit

Program Benefits
  • Earn while you learn
  • Flexible hours to accommodate your schedule
  • Gain exposure to cutting-edge firms
  • Become familiar with a range of occupations
  • Opportunities to assess and reach career goals
Program Requirements
Eligible Students must
  • Be enrolled at one of the nine LACCD campuses with six (6) or more units
  • Complete an Internship Application online at:
  • Complete and submit a resume online
  • Print faculty referral and have it completed by an LACCD faculty member or campus career center.