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East Los Angeles College




Q1: How do I apply for the program?

Answer: As long as you are eligible to take English 28 and commit to the PD1 class, the group activities/campus tours and the mentoring component you would fill out the Puente Project Student Information Sheet and Student Mentor Matching Form, returning them back to Carlos Centeno or Dorothy Teola prior to the start of the semester.

Q2: What if I don't pass English 28?

Answer: You could repeat English 28 with another instructor or wait until the next Fall to retake English 28 with the Puente class.

Q3: What if I want to be in the program but I didn't take English 28 with Puente?

Answer: Depending on class enrollment we could add you for English 101. However, be aware that we have bonded as a "family" and class involvement would be imperative.

Q4: What do I do once I have completed the English 101?

Answer: "Once a Puente student always a Puente student." You will then be in Phase III of the Puente Program. This phase is critical in regards to your transfer. There are no more classes under Puente program, however you will still be eligible for priority registration, counseling, mentoring, and access to the English instructor for help with personal statements.

Q5: Must I have a Mentor?

Answer: Mentoring is a big component. We encourage all students to take advantage of the kindness of a working professional wanting to assist a college student achieving their goals.


Q1: What does a mentor do?

Answer: A mentor is paired up with a student for the academic school year. We try to pair mentors and students according to likes, dislikes, hobbies and careers, but sometimes it doesn't work. A mentor offers support to his/her student on careers, goals, or assists in finding solutions to obstacles. A mentor is a friend who is there offering support any way possible to the student.

Q2: What is the time commitment?

Answer: This depends on the mentor/student relationship. We recommend at least 3 contacts per semester; phone conversations; e-mail; text or just meeting for coffee.
We are always having group functions (breakfast, campus tours, holiday parties) in which the mentors are also invited so this is a perfect opportunity for the mentor and student to interact.

Q3: What if my student doesn't return my calls?

Answer: College students sometimes forget the protocol in returning calls, so be patient. Try contact again. Each Puente student knows what the guidelines are, so let Carlos or Dorothy know and we will remind the student of the value you are providing. We can always pair you up with another student.

Q4: Does this cost anything?

Answer: No. You are to provide knowledge and support to the student, your time and resources are just as valuable as money.