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New Students Veteran:

East Los Angeles College
Veterans Center

New Student Veterans (Entitled to Educational Benefits)
  1. Apply for Educational Benefits- Complete and submit a G.I. Educational Benefit application online at: VONAPP will need to be submitted to obtain a hard copy of the online application and the Certificate of Eligibility (Certificate of Eligibility arrives 4-6 weeks after VONAPP is submitted). Please stop by the Veterans Center office located in E1 142 for assistance in applying for VONAPP, for assistance enrolling into East Los Angeles College, and for assistance applying to Financial Aid and any other student service a veteran may be eligible for.

  2. Apply to East Los Angeles College- Complete an Admissions Application in person at the Enrollment office in E1-121 or apply online at and select Apply Online on the right hand corner. Have transcripts from all other colleges previously attended mailed directly to the Admissions office. This applies even if the attendance was for a short time with no units completed.

  3. Assessment- All new students must participate in the Mathematics, English and/or ESL assessment placement. The Assessment is on a first come first serve basis offered at varying times throughout the year. For more information please refer to

  4. Orientation- Academic Counselors present Orientation workshops to review general college information and advice on recommended classes. To see a list of dates and times for Orientations check the Counseling website or stop by the Counseling Department in E1-127.

  5. Counseling Appointment- All Veterans are required to meet with a counselor and obtain a Student Educational Plan (SEP) declaring a major with courses needed to obtain your current objective. The VA will only pay for classes listed on your SEP. You can schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department at (323) 265-8751. Once you obtain your SEP you must turn a copy into the Veterans Office. *bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts to your Counseling Appointment*

  6. Registration- Go to the Admissions Office in E1-105 to register for classes in person. To register for classes online go to and select Register for Classes on the right hand corner. You will need your student ID number (ex. 881234567) and PIN which is your birthday month and day (ex. January 5 = 0105).

  7. Veterans Administrative Office- Provide the Veterans Administrative Office located in E1-107 with a hard copy of the online application, Certificate of Eligibility, copy of the DD214, Student Education Plan, and Veteran Application Packet (The Veteran Application Packet can be obtained at the Veterans Office)

  8. Financial Aid- Complete a Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW) and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you are a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen (US Permanent Resident or have an I-94 Card). For more information visit Financial Aid/Scholarship office in E1-173. To complete the FAFSA online go to ELAC's school code is 001222.

  9. FEES- Fees can be paid at the Fiscal office in E1-135. Fees may also be paid online on the Student Information System by using a credit card. Go to and click on Register for Classes on the right hand corner. You will need your student ID number (ex. 881234567) and PIN which is your birthday month and day (ex. January 5 = 0105).

  10. ELAC I.D.- Students can get an ELAC student ID card once they have registered and paid their fees. Bring your official ELAC print out of classes from the Fiscal Office and a valid photo ID (ex. high school ID or Driver's License) to the ELAC information window located in E1 102.

  11. FOLLOW UP- During each semester, schedule an appointment with a counselor to continue to add to your Student Educational Plan (SEP) in order for the VA to continue to pay for your classes. Appointments are scheduled starting at 8:00am in person on Fridays for the upcoming week in the Counseling Office E1-127. Veterans must complete and submit an ELAC Veteran application packet for each semester for continuous VA Educational benefits. You may repeat courses only if necessary. ("F" or "NCR" grade).