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East Los Angeles College

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SAAVE 2015-2016 Members
ASU Student Representatives
Vacant, V.P. of Student Services and First Responder
Nadine Bermudez, Faculty
Bunnarith Chunn, Faculty
Allen Cone, Director of Athletics
Roxanna Curiel, ELAC Women's & Men's Support Center
William Dunkin, L.A. County Sheriff Deputy
Danelle Fallert, Faculty
Reyna Hernandez, Student Services
Natasha Hernandez, Faculty
Eileen Ie, SAAVE Co-Chair, Faculty
Manjit Kaur, Faculty
Marilyn Ladd, Faculty
Gabriella Lopez, Faculty
Sonia Lopez, Dean of Student Activities
Vi Ly, Dean of Academic Affairs
Maria Mayoryk, Faculty
Catalina Medina, Staff
Andrea Owens, SAAVE Co-Chair; Faculty
Richard Pacheco, ELAC Women's & Men's Support Center
Nadia Swerdlow, Faculty
Tiffany Rice, Faculty
Maria Rosales, CalWorks Program
Marina Rueda, Faculty
Sybil Venegas, Faculty